Why varicose veins has become common among all ages and work profile

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The condition of varicose veins is one of the most common ailments that affect the lower half of the body of many people. Usually it appears as bluish, bulging cords that run just under the surface of the skin. Varicose veins almost always impact the legs and feet. The most common signs of the condition include visible twisted and swollen veins. These can be sometimes surrounded by marks and patches of additional flooded capillaries which are called spider veins. The spider veins are regarded as superficial varicose veins. Even though the varicose veins can be disfiguring and painful, they are normally harmless. Once inflamed, the varicose veins become rather tender to touch. They can definitely hinder blood circulation and lead to itchy skin, swollen ankles as well as aching sensations in affected legs.

In order to facilitate circulation of oxygen-rich blood throughout the body, the arteries have got thick muscle layers or elastic tissues. The veins rely mostly on the surrounding muscles as well as numerous one-way valves for pushing the blood back to the heart. These cup-like valves help in effective circulation of the blood. In patients having varicose veins, these valves fail to work properly thereby allowing the blood to accumulate or pool within the veins. It makes it rather difficult for muscles to successfully push this blood upwards. As the superficial veins tend to have much less muscle support compared to the deep veins, they have a greater propensity to become varicose. Women have a higher tendency to suffer from varicose veins than men.

Here are some of the reasons why varicose veins affect people of all ages and work profiles.

> Varicose veins can be caused by any condition or health problem that puts too much pressure on the abdomen or the legs. Some of the factors that most frequently lead to varicose veins include obesity, pregnancy and the habit for standing straight for long periods of time.

> Another factor that can lead to varicose veins is being sedentary for a long time. The muscles in the legs eventually suffer from poor blood circulation and this leads to varicose veins.

> Increasing age is yet another important reason why many older people starts suffering from varicose veins. The veins often weaken with age and this increases the chances of the development of varicosity.

> In some cases, varicose veins may also be caused by a previous instance of leg injury which can damage the valves within the vein. Therefore, it is no wonder that athletes and other people who need to use their feet frequently and have the chances of suffering from leg injuries form a high-risk group for varicose veins.

> Genetics can also play an important role in the development of varicose veins. This means that if any other member of your family has got varicose veins, it increases your chances of getting affected by this condition.

These above factors play a crucial role in the development of the condition of varicose veins. However, this does not mean that sitting with having your legs crossed is going to lead to varicose veins. Contrary to all popular beliefs, this can only aggravate a currently existing condition.

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