Piles Treatment In The Early Stages

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The symptoms of piles often tend to get resolved on their own. However, they may require medical treatment and even surgery in case the symptoms worsen and become severe. Treatment of piles can vary based on whether the condition is internal or external.

Before learning about the treatment of piles, it is important for you to know whether a condition is internal or external or how piles is divided into grades based on its signs and symptoms.

Internal Piles

Piles is said to be internal when it is located within the rectum which means that it cannot be felt o seen from outside. The main symptom of internal piles is bleeding.

Cases of internal piles are classified into 4 main grades:

Grade1: Tiny hemorrhoids that develop within the anus lining.
Grade 2: They are hemorrhoids that are present within the anus. These are somewhat larger than the ones associated with grade 1 hemorrhoids. They might get pushed out as the patient tries to pass stool but usually return on their own to their original position.
Grade 3: The grade 3 hemorrhoids are referred to as the 'prolapsed hemorrhoids’. These hemorrhoids appear just outside the anus. A patient might push these back in simply by pressing on them with fingers.
Grade 4: The grade 4 hemorrhoids stay right outside the anus and cannot be simply pushed back like the grade 3 ones. These are mostly treated with the help of a surgical procedure.

External Piles

External piles are typically located under the skin right around the anus. This area has got numerous pain-sensing nerves. Therefore these piles tend to hurt a lot and bleed.

Once the medical expert determines the nature of the piles, he or she is going to decide on the procedure that is right for treatment. Grade one and grade two of internal piles is generally treated with the application of prescription medicines as well as planned diet which includes fibrous and non-spicy food items. The doctors may even recommend a topical cream in some cases.

The grade three internal piles are also treated effectively with prescription medicines as well as change of diet. However, if the symptoms and signs are severe a surgery might become necessary. The treatment for the grade 4 internal piles usually require fast and prompt surgical intervention particularly if traces of gangrenous tissues are found.

For treating the external piles, the doctor might recommend ice packs or hemorrhoid creams. The ice packs can help in minimizing the swelling. The doctor might go for surgery if a case is severe. The common surgical procedures include the following options:

• Removal of the hemorrhoids
• Sclerotherapy for eliminating the varicose veins that might be the underlying reason for piles
• Burning the tissues that are affected by piles with the help of an infrared photo, electrical coagulation system or laser

You can also try out a number of exercises which can reduce the signs and symptoms of piles, such as brisk walking, stretching exercises, deep breathing exercises, aerobics and kegel exercises that have been known to provide positive outcomes.

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