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Piles are very embarrassing conditions for a patient. It can present in 3 basic forms
1. Pain-- This is due to fissure or a cut in the lining of anal canal. It can also be due to prolapsing of piles from anal canal.
2. Bleeding-- This is due to bleeding from enlarged piles or due to fissure.
3. Prolapse-- This presents as something like small grape like structure coming out from anal canal.It can also be due to purely skin swelling in which it is called sentinel pile which is a indicator of previous fissure.

Conventional surgery The surgical treatment available is very painful procedure which takes 30 to 45 mins depending on the severity of piles. It leads to narrowing of anal canal in nearly all cases which in turn leads to recurrence. Dietary restrictions are many after surgery

Laser treatment Technology has now upgraded the treatment for this condition. Laser treatment is very quick and practically painless compared to surgery. The severity of piles does not make a difference in Laser. Patients are back to normal activity next day in most cases. In addition it has the benefit of no dietary restrictions of non veg , spices etc. In last 7 years and more than 1000 cases no recurrence cases have been seen.

In fact Laser is now the best solution for cases of recurrence after surgery.