Prevent Varicose Veins With These 5 Tips

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Varicose veins are not only unsightly but also painful. Increased pressure in blood vessels leads to varicose veins which results in the veins developing thicker walls. It causes the veins to be too apparent right under the skin. Such over-developed veins might lead to pains, itches and also form chronic inflammations or result in bleeding. However, by following these instructions below you can reduce the chances of getting affected by varicose veins.

Raise your legs higher

One of the most effective ways to reduce the chances of varicose veins is to place your legs in an upward position for at least a few minutes during different times of the day. This can be in reducing the constant pressure exerted on the veins due to the impact of gravity on the blood flow. Simply sitting down is not good enough to reduce pressure on the legs. Since your legs remain bent as you are sitting, the flow of blood gets restricted and the pressure in turn goes up. It is therefore important that you elevate your legs as you keep them straight. Ideally you should lift your legs at least to the level of the heart or even higher for optimum effective.

Wear elastic stockings

Make sure that you stick to clothes that do not constrict the legs, waist and groin, thus making it difficult to achieve smooth flow of blood. By sticking to clothes that are loose and easily move with the body, you can avoid getting affected by varicose veins. Use compression clothing only when you are performing exercises and stay away from them for day to day usage. You can also wear compression stockings that are meant for your calves only as they can reduce chances of varicose veins in a major way by squeezing blood and directing it towards the heart.

Regular exercises

Although the heart pumps the blood through the arteries, its pressure drops off in a major way once the blood reaches the veins. The veins get contracted and thus squeezed by the muscles in order to compensate for absence of pressure. This eventually pushes blood back in the direction of the heart. If you are looking to reduce signs of varicose veins and the blood that keeps on pooling in the veins, it is important that you get some regular exercises. Walking, running and cycling can be effective to minimize the signs of varicose veins.

Consume a low-salt, high-fiber diet

A good way to minimize pressure on vascular system is by making sure that no additional water is retained by the body. This is something that you can achieve easily by sticking to a controlled diet. Regulating water retention becomes a lot more convenient when you have a low-salt, high-fiber diet which can keep you sufficiently hydrated without accumulating too much water in your body. This can also reduce chances of kidney disease, heart disease and diabetes.

Focus on reducing weight

Increasing weight often leads to varicose veins in many men and women. Too much weight can exert a lot of pressure on the legs which in turn can restrict blood flow on the lower body and the groin area. Excess weight may also make it a lot difficult for you to exercise and this can also lead to varicose veins.

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